Accountants can make more money in less time

Increase your revenue,
not your time commitment.

You're a trusted accounting advisor to your clients. Harvest partners with you to help deliver tailored, personal financial planning services to your network, increasing your bottom line.

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Partner with Harvest to Grow your Practice

Now you can offer Financial and Estate Planning advice to your clients without lifting a finger - and without any cost to you. In fact, we pay you!

Thousands of accounting advisors across North America have already unlocked the potential of expanding their services through strategic partnerships.

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Plan For A Better Future

Deliver financial and estate planning services without increasing your staff. Harvest Financial's professionals are here to help.

Harvest's professional financial advisors support your clients to deliver full-service financial and estate planning advice.

Strong Source of
Income Growth

Connect your clients to Harvest, and see the growth in income to your business.

Fully Customized
Financial Plans

We create unique financial strategies that build your clients a successful future.


We work hand-in-hand with you to provide the best in services to your clients.

Team of Experienced

Harvest Financial and Estate Planners each offer decades of financial planning experience.

Supportive Training
and Resources

Our complimentary library of resources help you grow your financial knowledge.


We create clear, open-ended contracts with you, with no minimum term required.

Experts you can trust

Our broad network of accredited financial professionals is focused on elevating your firm's brand and your client experience.

Our hand-picked team of trusted experts are each powered by decades of industry experience in financial planning, estate planning, and custom financial plan development.


93% of CPA's

93% of CPA's

in the US add value to their practice and enjoy a much higher income by offering financial and estate planning services.

Add our team to your team

Add our team to your team

Connect today and see
how a Harvest partnership will grow your bottom line.

Connect today and see
how a Harvest partnership will grow your bottom line.

Reach out through phone or email to talk about adding Financial and Estate Planning services to your Accounting practice.